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Men seek equal rights in Utah Courts

WSU alumnus recalls domestic violence, custody problems in Utah court systems

by Jesica Medellin, features editor
Issue date: 2/1/2006

When Todd Stone married his wife in 1987, he had no idea that she would physically abuse him.

Stone is a Weber State University alumnus; he graduated in 1990 with a degree in accounting. Stone went to school on a work scholarship and was mainly supported by his parents during his schooling.

Todd Stone, WSU alumnus, sits with his mother, Annabelle Stone, during a Men and Fathers 4 Justice meeting. Men and Fathers 4 Justice supports men like Stone who have been through domestic violence and divorce. PHOTO BY ANNE WIGHT THE SIGNPOST

Stone said his wife never seemed very happy; he thought if he could just give her more money and a bigger house she would be happy. He moved his family to Salt Lake and got a better job, then his parents put his wife through school at Salt Lake Community College for six years.

Stone recalls when his wife threw a golf ball at him and scratched his face multiple times, making him bleed.

"All these times I thought 'who do I go to?' You don't report that you've got hit by your wife," Stone said.

Lt. Loring Draper of Ogden City police department said that there are few male domestic violence cases that come through.

"They're [men] not going to call the cops because a girl hit them, that's what I think," Draper said. "There are initial procedures we have to go through."

Draper said that these procedures include offering the victim phone numbers for help.

For a short period, Stone and his family lived with his mother. During these times, Annabelle Stone witnessed her son being verbally and physically abused. The abuse wasn't just toward Stone; his neighbors saw his wife physically and verbally abusing his children when he wasn't home, according to Stone.

"One time my wife picked me up at work, and I wanted to stop at the hardware store," Stone said. "She threw a hissy fit in the car, and as we were heading towards the hardware store, she lets go of the steering wheel and is just beating me to a pulp. The car drifted into the oncoming traffic with the three kids in the back seat."

Stone was lost. He had no idea what to do. After 13 years of both verbal and physical abuse, Stone finally had enough. He went to Salt Lake Legal Services and filed for a protective order. According to Stone, legal services told him, 'You don't need one, you're a man.'

Soon after, Stone's wife filed a protective order against him and it was granted.

"She knew that if she got a protective order, she could get me kicked out of the house, and when she filed for divorce she would keep the children; that is the only thing that would hurt me," Stone said. "I can remember two times in our lives when we were arguing; I can remember the fire in her eyes. She said that one she would kill me, and two that she would take the kids and I would never see them again. I was scared of her."

Kevin Sullivan, a general practice attorney believes that the domestic violence act protective order gets abused.

"They let women push these protective orders without proof, often they are used for one upmanship, to get custody of the house or the kids," Sullivan said. "They're (the law) assuming that you won't lie when you fill out these affidavits."

If a woman does lie on an affidavit it is 20 days until a hearing is held.

Stone said that neighbors were afraid of his wife and wouldn't write a letter to the court in his defense until after she moved.

"One of the kids, the youngest, came to Grandma and asked, 'Grandma, why does mommy make daddy bleed so much, why does mommy hate you so much, why is mommy so mean?" Stone said. "The middle daughter sat out on a fence one day just crying, wishing she could run away from her mom, She said 'I wish mommy wouldn't swear at us so much. I wish we could just run away.'"

There's a dual standard according to Stone, that dads don't deserve as much sympathy as moms do.

Though Stone's story is unique, he is not alone. Many members of the Men and Father's 4 Justice group have been through similar situations and believe in domestic violence situations, custody cases for men are discriminated against.

"The Violence Against Women Act is a perfect example of bias against men. It's wrong, it's illegal, and it's unjust," Alan Millard, former WSU adjunct professor and member, said.

The group believes that just because men cannot physically reproduce themselves, it doesn't mean that they should have no say in their children's futures. The group believes that the laws, if applied right, would be OK according to Millard.

As the law stands right now, men do not have to sign for abortions or adoptions. When custody is distributed, the majority of the time women get primary custody of their children. The group agrees that this is how most men would want it, but there are a few cases like Stone's that warrant a different outcome.

Stone's wife proceeded to take their children out of state without telling Stone. She broke the custodial order that demanded she leave the kids in the state of Utah if she chose to leave.
Molly Prentice, manager of the Domestic Violence Shelter in Davis County, reports that only three men came to the shelter last year. Whenever doing a presentation, they always say that they are open to both men and women who need help.

"We do not turn away anyone based on gender," Prentice said.

The shelter harbored 256 women last year, a considerably larger amount than men, but Prentice said it does help having the male resources the shelter provides.

"It's less expensive than going to a hotel," Prentice said. The shelter does put men up in a hotel for a maximum of one month; women can stay in the shelter for one month. During this time, the victims of domestic violence can save money to put a deposit down on a place of their own.

Prentice agrees that the numbers are not correct in men's domestic violence cases because men do not come forward as often as women do.

This seems to be the overall consensus among the Men and Fathers 4 Justice group. Society has typecast men into being stronger than women and always being the bad guy, so men are afraid to come forward in cases of domestic violence.

Stone's children were taken from the state of Utah in October of 2005, and he has not seen them since. Though he has a general idea of where they are, he says, the fact remains that his ex-wife violated a court order and not much is being done about it.

You can reach reporter Jesica Medellin by calling 801-626-7621.

The reporting done in this story did not include an interview with the ex-wife. Currently Stone does not know exactly where she is. The Signpost does not advocate only men's rights. Domestic violence against anyone is a crime and should be prosecuted; any victim of domestic violence is brave for coming forward and encouraged to do so.

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No Justice in Utah Divorce Courts

Some attorneys believe Utah law is female biased to the extent attorneys can obtain a complete divorce package for their female clients with one court appearance. Why does Utah Bar Association continue to fail the Utah citizenry by ignoring Mr. Chipman’s 8 years of misconduct? Many attorneys and Utah citizens have experienced Mr. Chipman’s criminal acts and he still remains on the Utah attorney referral list. Mr. Chipman admits, he is not afraid of the Utah Bar Association because they never do anything. Grandma Stone agrees Utah Bar and OPC are a total do nothing entity. Todd and Grandma Stone have filed numerous complaints and violations only to be denied. Each complaint registered, at the Bar Association, was a drill in futility so Grandma Stone published some of Mr. Chipman’s harassment and heinous court experiences that the Stone family endured. Fabian and Clendenin had to suspect Mr. Chipman lacks the integrity to resolve this case after 8 years as Mr. Chipman was disengaged from the firm.

Many court tapes, letters, photographs etc. may be reviewed by contacting

Grandma Annabelle Stone remains a retired classroom teacher for Granite School District. Annabelle had a passion to instill students with patriotism and an appreciation for the United States Constitution, the democratic process, and the marvelous justice system. At 70 years of age, Grandma Annabelle Stone was catapulted into the terrifying Utah court experience, to be physically, mentally and financially destroyed. Annabelle owes all former students an apology for Annabelle’s life lessons in the courtroom. Annabelle learned there is no justice in Utah courts. Annabelle learned that JUSTICE is merely a word found in the classroom text books or dictionaries.

This document has been published based on the true life experiences of Grandma Annabelle Stone.

Many additional experiences, court transcripts, photographs and communications may be reviewed by contacting

Todd Stone v Joanne Stone
June 2001 to June 2009
A Travesty Of Justice

The power of the court is driven by a hypothetical premise that all Utah divorced males are bad dads.

The real bad dads escape court and jail, living out side the law in their luxurious life style as playboys, while the courts order a life sentence on death row for the good dads. The courts strangle the good dads with bankruptcy, persecution and mental destruction. The good dads are fewer in number because they choose suicide and self destruction over the alternative slow death of years of strangulation by the courts.

Mr. Chipman’s first engagement in tongue wagging was noted when he stated he dared Joanne to get a divorce and he volunteered to represent Joanne free of charge, as a favor to his friend, however Mr. Chipman accepted $2,000.00 from the church for his fee for representing Joanne.

Joanne’s Attorney, Brent Chipman, has manipulated the court confusing Commissioner Casey and Judge T. Medley in this divorce action. Although Commissioner Casey stated he was aware of Mr. Chipman’s trench warfare tactics, the loving, good dad endured character assassination and jail time while Mr. Chipman and Joanne’s conspiracy kept the children in eminent danger and emotional trauma. Joanne continued to terrorize Todd and the family as she continued to swear she would see to it that Todd never saw his kids again. Joanne’s threat was a total reality as Mr. Chipman and Joanne constantly engaged in visitation interference and total denial of visitation. The court refused to recognize Joanne’s intense alienation and compulsive lying agenda. The court refused to identify the good dad as fighting to the death to protect his home and children. The court always entertained Mr. Chipman’s endless argumentation, deceitful innuendoes and all the specious motions. Mr. Chipman’s unethical and unprofessional antics continued to ignite conflict and confusion in Commissioner Casey’s court room for 8 years. Mr. Chipman continued to brag he had orchestrated Utah States most acrimonious divorce case. October 2007 Mr. Chipman filed an affidavit with the court for $195,000.00 for Joanne client attorney fees, calculated at Mr. Chipman’s reduced rate. As Mr. Chipman compromised the legal system, he has deceived judges and proved that there is no justice in Utah courts. In court Mr. Chipman misused his power to rape a good dad, a loving Grandmother, abused children and his client Joanne. Out side the courtroom, Mr. Chipman’s heinous behavior has abused and deceived the church as he masquerades as an Olympus Stake High Councilman subverting and violating the PROCLAMATION OF THE FAMILY.

Attorney Glen Richman, labored to acquire Todd’s personal belongings and enforce Todd’s state visitation schedule. Mr. Richman also admonished Todd to have a promissory note agreement with his mother (Grandma Annabelle Stone) so she could pay all the debts as Mr. Chipman was trying to bury Todd in extreme debt. Mr. Richman resigned after struggling with his personality conflict with Mr. Chipman’s unethical conduct and illegal court maneuvers. Mr. Richman admonished Grandma Stone to stay close to Mr. Chipman and Joanne for Grandma would witness all the evil acts Joanne and Mr. Chipman would employ to destroy Todd Stone.

Attorney Marty Olsen said the real tragedy was Mr. Chipman injected so many irrelevant and extraneous arguments successfully escalating the divorce to a $300,000.00 divorce act. Mr. Chipman created such a huge octopus that no one could get their arms around the divorce action and the court failed to bring the divorce action into control. Commissioner Casey admonished Joanne to cut financial crisis by allowing Grandma Stone to provide day care for the children. Joanne hatefully placed the children in Neeley’s day care center. Although, Todd had a cafeteria plan of salary deduction to pay child care expenses, Mr. Chipman, Joanne and the day care provider, refused to sign the document. After Mr. Olsen tried for one year to obtain signatures, Attorney Olsen instructed Todd to go directly to the Providers, (Mr. and Mrs. Neeley) to obtain their signature. Still Neeley’s refused to sign or accept Todd’s cash because Joanne had instructed them not to sign. Mr. Chipman and Joanne orchestrated a $12,000.00 hardship case for Todd with child care expenses and family financial crisis. Inside Commissioner Casey’s courtroom Mr. Chipman was declaring Todd fails to pay child support and child care. Outside the courtroom Joanne and Mr. Chipman file 50 fallacious sheriff reports in attempt to have Todd arrested on protective order violations. The sheriff stated the vicious nature and the extreme number of Joanne’s reports were another evidence of Mr. Chipman’s abuse of the system.

Jan 25,2002 was the first move allowed by Joanne, Chipman and police. Joanne stated that 73 year old Grandma Stone was the only one permitted in the house to move Todd’s Stuff. After the police left the Melony home, Joanne stood spread eagle blocking the office door, preventing Grandma entrance to the office to obtain Todd and Lewis Stone’s files and personal property. Outside Attorney Dave Mangum, John Morris and 4 other neighbors formed a chain gang and proceeded to load Todd’s truck with yard garbage. As Todd picked up his sleeping bag, Attorney Mangum removed Todd’s sleeping bag from Todd’s arm saying, “Joanne did not say Todd could have his sleeping bag!” While Mangum and associates loaded Todd’s truck with garbage, Joanne and another neighbor drove a load of boxes to the home of Todd Stone. The boxes supposedly full of Todd’s personal belongings. Photos reveal the boxes were full of trash and more garbage. After other delay strategies planned by Brent, note Brent’s letters harassing Todd stating Brent would move Todd’s Stuff to a storage shed. This scenario demonstrates the unethical and unprofessional tactics Brent Chipman performs daily.

July 21, 2003 Todd suggested to Commissioner Casey, it was an appropriate time to review Joanne’s fallacious protective order. Commissioner Casey cancelled Joanne’s fallacious protective order without prejudice, stating the protective order was trench warfare again to gain some advantage and leverage in the divorce action. Outside the court room Mr. Chipman continued his trench warfare tactics stalling the bifurcated divorce until September 2003.

Commissioner Casey’s final divorce decree awarded the good dad bankruptcy with additional $10,000.00 family debt and state visitation schedule which the court failed to enforce. Mr. Chipman slipped in a specious motion that the court interpreted, Todd should pay child support until the child reaches 24 years old. Commissioner Casey was unable to reverse the order! Mr. Chipman continually reported Todd as behind in child support but the refund checks to Todd (for over payment from Office of Recovery) should really be evidence of who was lying again.

Commissioner Casey awarded Joanne the home, the car, and the usual full custody. The children were sentenced to the dysfunctional mother, with $900.00/month child support. While Joanne received a $2,600.00 tax free salary, the Bishop of the Olympus Ward gifted Joanne $550.00 per month assistance. Joanne continually conned the members and office co-workers for additional cash donations and some neighbors subbed for Santa for 12 months of the year. Members, neighbors and friends unprofessionally trying to explain Joanne’s strange behavior, concluded Joanne was bipolar off medication. Because Joanne never demonstrated natural inherent motherly instincts, the children were used as Joanne’s ammunition and Joanne’s human shield.

Todd Stone resisted the divorce because he knew he had to remain in the home to obtain psychiatric counseling for Joanne. Todd felt it imperative to maintain a presence in the home to protect the children from Joanne’s vicious temper tantrums and her ballistic life style. Family endured Joanne’s temper tantrums on Grandma Stone’s front lawn or inside Grandma’s house as Joanne attacked Todd’s face with her nails. Tantrums continued in Grand Theater or on the streets of San Francisco or on Joanne’s front lawn. Judge Livingston volunteered to be the third party communicator but Joanne screamed and yelled until Judge Livingston resigned. Mediation failed as attorneys walked out when Joanne started yelling and shouting. Joanne lived each day in a jealous angry rage and family and neighbors lived in fear of her next attack. The two smaller children wanted to live with dad and grandma because they said they felt safe there but they were agreeable to live in Salt Lake City with Joanne providing they were granted more time with dad.

Commissioner Casey and Judge Medley remained oblivious to the pain and suffering of the emotional and mental devastation of the three minor children and the emotional and physical and financial devastation of the good dad, (Todd Stone) and Grandpa and Grandma Stone. Gretchen Skelly of LDS Family Services signed an order that the children were in need of intensive psychiatric treatment and therapy every day for months. Mr. Chipman (senseless tongue wagging) announced Joanne was taking 12 weeks of (FML) Family Medical Leave to vacation in California because she had no more vacation time left at the Church Office Building. Joanne did in fact leave Utah for California preventing Todd’s visitation schedule. The children never did receive the intensive psychiatric therapy. Joanne’s vacation time FML was strategically planned for denying and canceling Todd’s planned visitation time. Judge Medley failed to see Todd Stone as the gladiator fighting to the death to protect his home and children. While Grandma Stone spent $95,000.00 on attorney fees, seeking justice in court, defending attorneys stated they were unsuccessful in getting Judge Medley to listen to the real victim, Todd Stone.

The Guardian at Litem (Bob Steele, Mandy Rose, Sharon Kishner, Michelle Bloomquist and Jeff Nolan) were obvious failures to the children. The G A L only appeared in court as Mr. Chipman’s puppets, (bobbling their heads) as Mr. Chipman pulled their strings for them to agree to his deviant plan. Bob Steele had Brittney sue her dad for items she had stolen from Grandma Stone’s house. Brooklynn and Brylee stated they did not understand why Mr. Steele had Brittney keep the items she had stolen. Custody Evaluator Matt Davies charges $5,000.00 for a one time interview and $2,000.00 for a written report.

Michelle Bloomquist caused more stress when she ordered a repeat job doubling the expense. The Evaluators senseless report given to the court and the payments on account still remain questionable. Todd made many requests of Jeff Nolan to schedule the kids visitation with Todd. Mr. Nolan simply replied, “Joanne remains unyielding in denying all visitation!” Outside the courtroom, Mr. Chipman engaged Attorney Findley, Todd Stone and Grandma Stone in more tongue wagging time. Mr. Chipman babbled on that Todd should fight for more visitation time because Joanne had so very much more time than Todd. Mr. Chipman threatened that Todd would never see the girls even if Todd did drive to California to visit with the girls. Then Mr. Chipman entered the court room and handed Judge Medley 10 pages of tripe stating Todd was not interested in having visitation time with his girls. Judge Medley never seemed to understand Mr. Chipman’s pages were tricks of tripe and Judge Medley remained manipulated by Mr. Chipman’s hideous conduct. Mr. Chipman continued to state Todd was entitled to MAKE UP visitation time but Judge Medley didn’t seem to understand Joanne never granted any visitation time. Joanne continued to deny court orders to fly the children to SLC for visitation, so Mr. Chipman wrote many letters declaring if Todd paid the airfare, Mr.Chipman would credit the airfare to child support payments. After Todd paid the airfare, Office of Recovery denied the payment. As Joanne continues to deny visitation to Todd and Grandma, Sharon Kishner complicated all issues by replying “It is a despicable Grandmother not to pay the airfare for the children’s transportation!” The children felt the Guardian at Litem failed them so they contracted with Attorney Francis Palacio to represent them in court but Commissioner Casey refused to allow Attorney Palacio to make an appearance for the children.

Attorney Corporon later stated the Guardian at Litem and Mr. Chipman never did one positive act for the children. Attorney Corporon’s concluding statement redefines Mr. Chipman’s years of devious unprofessional court activity---“the entire catastrophe was over Mr.Chipman’s MONEY MADNESS and not the best interest of the children.”

The children remained stifled, neglected and abused by Joanne as they never did benefit from Todd’s child support payments. The children struggled with school assignments and complained they were dumb and had no friends. Todd then enrolled the girls on school soccer teams. The girls quickly demonstrated their running and kicking skills and were soon recognized as the most valuable players.

Todd continued to provide positive experiences for the girls as Todd and Grandma Stone paid thousands of dollars over and above child support, for clothes, piano lessons, gymnastics, soccer, dance lessons, school lunch, travel and summer camp etc. As the girls were enjoying extreme pleasure and success, Joanne cancelled their soccer and piano lessons as part of her intense scheme to deny Todd visitation with the girls. Todd was able by court order to attend the girl’s games and activities on his scheduled visitation day. While the girls endured great disappointment over missing their soccer games, the girls wished they could take dance lessons. Grandma Stone paid $1,068.00 in dance lessons attempting to grant their wishes. After the girls demonstrated extraordinary talent in dance, they were to appear at the dance concert at the University of Utah. The night of the performance the girls failed to arrive at the concert. The dance teachers were devastated as their choreography and investment in teaching hours was destroyed. The teacher’s greatest concern was the girls disappointment for missing their performance. The girls never knew they had missed their concert as Joanne kidnapped the girls for the second time. Later disclosure revealed Joanne hid the girls in a friend’s condo out by Utah Lake. Brooklynn said she cried all night for she wanted to be with her dad. Brooklynn said, Joanne told Brooklynn to stop crying and go to sleep because she probably was never going to be with her dad. Brylee said she wished her dad could telephone her every night but that wish was denied.

For years Todd represented himself (Pro Se) because he was unable to obtain legal counsel. Each attorney Todd contacted, declined Todd’s plea to represent Todd, opposing Mr. Chipman. The attorneys always replied they had experienced Mr. Chipman’s unethical court antics, endless argumentation and reversing the facts and misrepresenting facts on court orders. Every attorney stated that they could better use their time and energy assisting other divorce cases.

Joanne demanded the Melony home with 2 big mortgage payments but failed Commissioner’s Casey’s order to make mortgage payments. Joanne refused to allow Todd to recover his personal belongings as she continued to hold the belongings for ransom and blackmail. Although Todd’s dad died 1999, Mr. Chipman continued to criminally hold Lewis Stone’s (Todd’s father) total home furnishings on Joanne’s outside back patio until the cherry wood finish was weather damaged and the metal hinges were rusted and inoperable. While all the home furnishings were outside on the patio, all Todd and Lewis Stone’s personal records were held inside Joanne’s Melony home. After Lewis Stone died, IRS and Social Security had an issue with Lewis Stone’s Social Security. Joanne continued to ignore Todd’s requests for Lew’s records. After many months, Annabelle endured a $5,000.00 Social Security debt as a result of Joanne’s hatred behavior. Both Joanne and Mr. Chipman continued to hold Lewis Stone’s income tax files, social security and burial contract as ransom and blackmail until November 2007.

Thus the Utah judicial system failed the divorced good dads again, and denied minor children and grandparents of their Constitutional Rights of life, liberty and happiness.

Chief Justice Roberts speaking in Utah, admonished the audience to study the constitution and develop a passion for defending the constitution, for citizens’ constitutional rights are eroding away daily in courtrooms by judges and attorneys. Chief Justice Roberts, further states……..”. If a decision is wrong, it should be over ruled!” “That is applying the rule correctly.” Grandma Annabelle has observed the court process and endured the terrifying experience for the past 8 years. In this case, due process has never been served and justice was never experienced in the Utah courtrooms.

This document has been published based on the true life experiences of Grandma Annabelle Stone. Many additional experiences, court transcripts, photographs and communications may be reviewed by contacting

While the girls suffered pain in their disappointing world, adults continue to puzzle why Senator Bell continues to persecute the good dads. While the good dads pay the states highest percentage child support, the bad dads pay nothing and escape all consequences. Senator Bell passed legislation to greatly increase the good dads monthly child care payments.

After Mr. Chipman and Joanne extracted thousands of dollars from Todd and Grandma Stone, it was made known that Brittney did not have $80.00 for beehive summer camp. Attorney Olsen, advised Todd that he had already provided for Brittney’s camp fee in his child support payments to Joanne but Todd did not want Brittney to miss this valuable growth experience. The kids always said, “Dad was the only one that works everything out for the kids.” Brittney refused camp and the $80.00 Todd offered in July. December Joanne and Mr. Chipman had Todd arrested for a protective order violation. publishes another courtroom tragedy, Judge Paul G. Maughan’s hideous trial of Jan.12, 2004.

Prosecutor Paul Parker was vent on a conviction by subverting truth and facts. Judge Maughan responded exhibiting out of control anger, to sentence the victim and good dad to most severe one year jail sentence. As though the sentence was not punitive enough, Judge Maughan continued excessive verbal abuse to the victim (in chains and shackles) denied speaking a word in his own defense. The years jail sentence included time for the victim to serve time at A P & P Judges are protected by immunity so they have license to destroy victim’s lives without conscience or consequences.

(A P & P) Adult probation and parole. While Todd served in A P & P Joanne and Mr. Chipman continued to call in more false reports trying to obtain additional jail time for Todd. Agent Howard reported that Todd in deed had cause to fear Joanne. Mr. Chipman called more lies motivating Agent Delpha Alvarado’s abusive and punitive nature. While serving time at A P & P Todd endured Agent Alvarado’s sexual harassment but Alvarado was never corrected or dismissed.

After Joanne’s successful arrest and jailing of Todd, she was confident she could gain another false arrest for Todd again. Joanne claimed Todd shut off the heat to the Melony home. Attorney Steven Kuhnhausen collaborated with Mr. Chipman for another false arrest. Mr. Kuhnhausen’s appearance in Judge Burton’s court room was another hideous circus act. Beware Mr. Kuhnhausen proved to be the criminal appearing as an attorney representing the victim. The Stone family has a great appreciation for the Siegfried and Jensen advertisement. Siegfried and Jensen used to advertise KNOW YOUR ATTORNEY!

1986 Lewis Stone bought a condo as a business venture. He paid for the condo until his Aug.1999 death. Todd Stone was out of work, Oct. Nov. Dec. the condo fell into foreclosure. Attorney Marty Olsen told Grandma Stone to do everything to save the property, so Grandma Stone paid the foreclosure and paid Countrywide Loans all the mortgage payments. Later when Todd Stone’s twin home fell into foreclosure, neither Joanne nor Mr. Chipman took any action to prevent the foreclosure. Grandma’s Attorney Bruce Reading declared Grandma Stone should save the property so Grandma Stone paid the foreclosure fees and mortgages. Bruce Reading then prepared a property settlement for Mr. Chipman but Mr. Chipman said he was not interested. Again when the Melony home fell into foreclosure neither Joanne nor Mr. Chipman took any action to prevent the foreclosure. Joanne abandoned the home to hide out someplace until she left town October 6, 2005. Grandma Stone asked Mr. Chipman what he intended to do about the foreclosure? Mr. Chipman simply replied, he was waiting for Grandma Stone to assume the foreclosure. After Grandma Stone paid $400,000.00 in foreclosure and mortgages to save the properties, August 3, 2005 Mr. Chipman (before Judge Medley) declared, Grandma Stone was to sell all the properties and Mr. Chipman was to take $35,000.00 off the top of sales for his attorney fees. Annabelle, Todd and Joanne would argue over their entitlements for dividing the remainder. Judge Medley hinted that Grandma Stone was the banker and the court may not be able to force Grandma to sell in the divorce case. To this date, Judge Medley has failed to address the real estate problem. Although Judge Medley promised to return to the real estate problem, the real estate problem diverted Nov. 28, 2007 into Judge Peuler’s court for resolution.


Scott Daniels is a retired judge masquerading as a mediator for his personal financial gain. Judges are protected by immunity should they err and make an inappropriate ruling in the courtroom. As an agent of the court, Mr. Daniels has the audacity to appear as a unqualified mediator, financially destroying 77 year old Grandma Stone. .
Mr. Daniels appeared at the appointment November 28, 2007 violating every rule for mediators. Mr. Daniels was able to collect $1,500.00 mediation free from Grandma Stone without CONSCIENCE OR CONSEQUENCE!

Todd & Grandma Stone v Joanne Stone have been in Commissioner Casey and Judge Medley’s divorce court for 8 years.

For years Todd represented himself (Pro Se) because he was unable to obtain legal counsel. Each attorney Todd contacted, declined Todd’s plea to represent Todd, opposing Mr. Chipman. The attorneys always replied they had experienced Mr. Chipman’s unethical court antics, endless argumentation and reversing the facts and misrepresenting facts on court orders. Every attorney stated that they could better use their time and energy assisting other divorce cases.

Due to Attorney Chipman’s notorious reputation to manipulate judges, Grandma Stone found herself in the same predicament as Todd Stone. Grandma Stone was unable to contract an attorney to oppose Mr. Chipman. April 2006 Attorney Paul Halliday Jr. agreed to represent Grandma Stone opposing Mr. Chipman. Mr. Halliday was to protect Grandma foreclosed real estate. Mr. Halliday failed to take any action until November 2007 when he scheduled Mr. Daniels for mediation agreement between Grandma Stone and Joanne Stone.

1) Joanne Stone was not even in attendance. Mr. Chipman had Joanne relocate in California so she never had court presence to fallacious documents Mr. Chipman signed in her name.

2) Mr. Daniels obviously did not discuss his fee with the two participants because Joanne was not present. Grandma was surprised Joanne was not present. Annabelle was privy to Joanne’s previous mediation schedules when she cancelled mediation by yelling and shouting, walking out or simply hanging up the telephone. Annabelle Stone had no idea of the high fee Mr. Daniels was charging. There was no fee discussion before mediation.

3) No engagement letter or contract to mediate by Daniels. Mediation rule is to sign a contract on fee agreement before mediation. There was no pre mediation discussion or contract.

4) Mr. Daniels stumbled and stuttered over identifying the two participants. Mr. Daniels had difficulty differentiating between the two Mrs. Stone’s in mediation so for clarity. The first Mrs. Stone took the liberty of self identification as Grandma Stone.

5) Mr. Daniels should be removed from the mediation process for his irresponsible conduct before he destroys future participants. Mr. Daniels testified he appeared as mediator 3 days after accepting the invitation. Mr. Daniels stated h e did not have time to prepare and he was uninformed to the facts.

6) Mr. Daniels violated the rule that mediators are to remain neutral. Note the contents of the contract Mr. Daniels scribed. The contents are evidence of Mr. Chipman manipulating Mr. Daniels to scribe Mr. Chipman’s dictation.

7) Note court transcript August 3, 2005 page-------- Mr. Chipman pleaded the exact statements before Judge Medley.

8) The Mediator is not to apply pressure, threats or abuse participants. Mr. Daniels was not even truthful claiming he mediated for 5 hours. Truthfully Grandma Stone was abused with threats of consequences for 5 hours as Mr. Daniels mentally clubbed Grandma with financial destruction if she refused to sign the invalid contract. Mr. Daniels agreed with Mr. Chipman’s blackmail technique to surrender Lewis Stone’s burial contract for Grandma’s signature In addition, if Annabelle refused to pay Joanne $70,000.00 more dollars, Mr. Chipman would file for partition of all 3 properties for Mr. Chipman.

9) Utah rule for mediation is both parties pay their one half share of the mediation fee. Mr. Daniels raped Grandma Stone for the full amount of the mediation fee because Joanne resides in California and he had no means of collecting from Joanne. Mr. Daniels bad contract had no date and he failed to scribe consequences for Joanne if Joanne breached the contract. The contract was so bad Joanne even breached the contract from California. Since Joanne breached the contract, it must prove again the contract wasn’t for Joanne’s benefit but again for Scott Daniels friend, Mr. Chipman.

10) Demonstrating Mr. Daniels bad contract, while Daniels was trying to have Grandma pay Joanne $70,000.00 for property settlement, a Federal Agent was investigating Joanne for fraud in California. Joanne was claiming she did not own real estate property in Utah so whose name is on those fraudulent deeds??? Grandma never saw the deeds!